A – Organisation

The following sections describe the Organisation of the event at Langley Park

  1. SAAA Program
  2. CASA Pilot Briefing Notes (Extract)
  3. Tony White
  4. The Grove family fly in from Townsville (QLD)
  5. YSEN Parking
  6. Aircraft Parking for Departure
  7. STOL
  8. Event Summary

SAAA Program

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Pilot Briefing Notes (CASA Document)

Civil Aviation Safety Authority




The Original is a comprehensive 50 page document. 

Selected pages presented for the interest and enjoyment of Pilots and Enthusiasts. 

Barry Dennis.



SAAA – Chapter 24 Supported by other Western Australian Chapters

Langley Park Fly-in October 15th & 16th, 2011 


Prepared by: A. George, A. White  9/28/2011

Langley 2011 is by CASA definition an airshow. Flying and ground handling will be performed within the limits of the “instrument of Approval” attached to these briefing notes

Contents     (as in the Original Document)


SectionSubject / DescriptionPage Reference
1Briefing Preamble1
2Event Summary5
3Display Approval5
4Event Control6
5Public Involvement6
6Event Organisers6
7Pre-requisites for a Departure & Landing6
8Controlling Body6
9Airfield Owners7
10Airfield Location7
11Langley Site Setup7
12Road & River Closures8
13Air Space8
14Radio Procedure9
16YSEN to Langley9
17Circuit Traffic - General10
18Arrival Runway 1110
19Arrival Runway 2911
20Departure Runway 1111
21Departure Runway 2911
22Display Aircraft Departure Points12
23Display Line & Display Box12
24Emergency Services12
26Missed Approach or Flagged Off13
27Aircraft Returning to JPJT or YSEN13
28Parking at YSEN13
29Parking at Langley13
30Langley Park Gate Control & Marshalling14
1Instrument of Approval16
2Airfield Diagram24
3Changes to Perth ATS Procedures & Airspace Diagram26
4YSEN to Langley Route Diagram32
5Runway 11 Approach Diagram34
6Runway 29 Circuit Diagram36
7Departure Runway 11 Diagram38
8Departure Runway 29 Diagram40
9Display Area Diagram42
10Missed Approach Departure Route44
11Serpentine Parking45
12Langley Parking47
13Marshalling Signals49

  1. Briefing Preamble

The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) – Western Chapters has approval for a Fly-in with Air Display at Langley Park on the banks of the Swan River in Western Australia.

The Fly-in and Display will be carried out using SAAA Guidelines for an SAAA Fly-in Event and the appropriate CAO’s and CAR’s as guide to procedure. Copies are available on the SAAA website.

These briefing notes are not meant to intimidate any pilot.

Fly the route/s on Google Earth and it all makes sense. This step is essential so that the flights in and out are second nature and an enjoyable experience.


The CASA Instrument of Approval states;

“—-A briefing of all participants is to be conducted prior to the fly in and display in accordance with CAO 29.4 paragraph 5.3. All aircraft captains and other participants are to attend without exception. “


Pilot Briefing – 8:00 a.m. Saturday 15th Oct

Saturday 15th Oct

Gates Open for Setup at Langley 6:00

Pilot Briefing at YSEN 8:00

Gates Closed for Langley Setup 8:30

1st Aircraft Depart YSEN 9:30

1st Aircraft arrive Langley 9:45

Gates Open to Public 10:00

Official Opening 12:20

Air Display Commences 12:40

Air Display Ends 16:00

Sunday 16th Oct

Gates Open for Setup 6:00

Gates Closed for Setup 8:30

Gates Open for Pilots 9:30

Gates Open 10:00

Air Display Commences 11:00

Air Display Ends 14:10

1st Aircraft Depart 14:10

Last Aircraft Depart 15:30

  1. Display Approval

The Fly in and Display are approved by CASA under;

Instrument Number: WOP 10452 – AIR DISPLAY APPROVAL

  1. Event Control

This event is an official SAAA sanctioned event.

The event will be run under “SAAA Guidelines for Fly-ins” This document has been reviewed and recognised by CASA (Canberra) SAAA Guidelines is based on Air Displays – CAR 156 and CAO 29.4

  1. Event Organisers

Fly-in Organiser – Andy George          SAAA# 3395

Event Co-ordinator – Tony White         SAAA# 6611

Flight Safety Scrutineer – Colin Morrow SAAA# 2139


  1. Pre-requisites for a Departure & Landing Card


Pilots and aircraft must have the required Scrutineering Briefing

Any Pilot who has not previously flown into Langley is required to attend a Briefing on the

Ground at Langley on Friday 14th at 5:00 pm.

Attend a Pilot Briefing – Saturday 15th – 8:00 am

  1. Airfield Location


Langley Park – Perth

31o 57’ 41.21” S     115o 52’ 08.15” E

Runway Directions 11/29

Width 20 m


The proposed strip would be similar in location and specification to that used by the Red Bull crew.

i.e. Length 595m with displaced thresholds. The strip will be marked with white paint.

Note the soft area on the under-shoot at the Eastern end.

  1. Air Space An AIP Supplement and NOTAM will be issued by CASA.

To facilitate air activities and associated air support a Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) will be established within the Perth Control Zone for airspace over Perth Central City, Perth Water and west along the Swan River

Max height – 1500 ft

Clearance for Displays above 1500 ft will be either by;

  • Application for Airways Clearance by normal means – or
  • Perth Control will raise the TRA upper limit for short periods and will notify Langley
  • Unicom of that temporary change.


Langley will operate an advisory Unicom on 120.85 MHz

Refer attached Appendix #3 DRAFT Changes to Airspace and Perth ATS Procedures & Airspace Diagram

Airservices Australia will be at the PILOT BRIEFING to talk through the airspace changes and Procedures

  1. Radio Procedure

Monitor normal frequencies until inside the TRA then monitor Unicom on 120.85 MHz

Radio silence should be maintained.

The Unicom is advisory only and cannot direct traffic. We can refuse entry into the airspace.


It is a requirement of the CASA Approval that;

All display pilots, display aircraft ferry pilots, of Sport Aircraft Association Australia approved aircraft are to be conversant with standard Emergency and Loss of Radio procedures contained in the Enroute Supplement Australia (ERSA).

  1. YSEN to Langley

Aircraft will depart YSEN in the numbering order given. 1 to 100

Aircraft will depart in one (1) minute intervals – fastest aircraft first.

Each aircraft has been allocated an IAS – please fly that speed to maintain separation.

We do not want multiple aircraft in the circuit at Langley with the resultant circuit extensions over built-up areas or trying to slowup to the point of dangerously low speeds.

Depart YSEN and climb to 1500 ft at best rate of climb & set nominated IAS & fly to Rockingham.

DO NOT try to catch or overtake the preceding aircraft.

No transponder is required – set to 1200 STANDBY Fly up the coast via Fremantle to the Cottesloe Golf Club. Observe normal coastal route procedures.

Depart coast at the Cottesloe Golf Club & maintain 1500 over the river maintaining designated IAS speed and proceed as per Route shown.

Arrive at Western End of Narrows Bridge at 1500 ft and slow immediately to 120 kts for faster aircraft and 90 kts for aircraft with cruise < 130 kts

Aircraft that cannot achieve 90 kts will be last to arrive and will use normal arrival and approach Speeds

You get one missed approach – and if another occurs you are out. Refer to Item 22 & 23 for departure route in this circumstance.

  1. Circuit Traffic – General
  1. No traffic may fly over the Central City area, Causeway or Perth Zoo
  2. All downwind traffic on 11 or 29 shall be over the water as per diagrams
  3. All arrivals are to be high Short Field landings. NO dragging in over the trees.
  4. All departures are Short Field maximum performance takeoffs for maximum altitude over the trees.
  5. There is a soft patch in the eastern end undershoot. Do not land on it. (See Drawing)
  6. Depending on the surface conditions the Marshalls may direct using the undershoots for departures.
  7. CASA has granted dispensation to;

“—-under sub paragraph 166 (e)(i) of the Civil Aviation Regulations, permit the owners and operators of aircraft participating in the air display and fly in referred to at sub paragraph (a) above and listed in the program of events at Schedule 1 to make turns after takeoff and before landing to the right when operating at Langley Park Perth.—“

Arrival Runway 11

The Event has approval to vary a standard arrival circuit to include;

  • Runway 11 arrival and circuit to be Right Hand
  • Arrive and fly along runway 11 at 1500 feet and commence right turn and letdown to 1000ft circuit height at mid runway. DO NOT fly North of the runway centreline.

Perform remainder of circuit as a standard right hand pattern as shown in Appendix 5

Runway 11 Approach Diagram



  1. On landing vacate the runway as directed by the Marshalls. DO NOT do your own thing.

Arrival Runway 29

This is a standard Left Hand circuit;

  1. Runway 29 arrival is a standard Left Hand circuit
  2. Arrive at Narrows Bridge at 1500 feet and commence letdown to 1000ft circuit height and join downwind over Perth water.
  3. Perform remainder of circuit as a standard Left Hand pattern as shown in the diagram.

Appendix 6Runway 29 Approach Diagram turning to finals before the Causeway & Heirison Island.

  1. On landing vacate the runway as directed by the Marshalls. DO NOT do your own thing.

Departure Runway 11

The Event has approval to vary a standard departure circuit to include;

  1. Runway 11 departure and circuit to be Right Hand
  2. A turn 500 feet on to cross wind towards Perth Water as shown in the diagram in Appendix 7 Departure Runway 11 Diagram.
  3. Remain over the water to keep clear of Perth Zoo
  1. Track direct to the Narrows Bridge climbing to 1500 ft.
  2. Maintain given Block IAS.
  3. Use the Serpentine – Langley reverse track until breaking of for YPJT or other locations.

Departure Runway 29

The Event has approval to vary a standard departure circuit to include;

  1. A change of heading below 500 feet at between 150 – 200 feet as you cross Victoria Avenue to take up a heading direct to the Narrows Bridge and stay east and south of the Bell Tower and Ferry Jetties as shown in the diagram in Appendix 8 – Departure Runway 29 DiagramThis is to miss the Bell Tower – see Swan Bells note below.
  2. Track direct to the Narrows Bridge climbing to 1500 ft.
  3. Maintain given Block IAS .
  4. Use the Serpentine – Langley reverse track until breaking of for YPJT or other locations.

The Swan Bells ( 31°57′32″S 115°51′29″E31.95889°S 115.85806°E) are a set of eighteen bells hanging in a specially built 82.5 metres (271 ft)-high tower. They are one of the largest sets of change ringing bells in the world. Please DO NOT ring them.


Display aircraft will launch from;

 Langley     Serpentine       Jandakot         Perth Airport

Display aircraft will recover to;

 Langley     Serpentine      Jandakot         Perth Airport

Approximate launch times are indicated in the detailed program. Close co-ordination with

Langley ground team 120.85 to ensure the program runs smoothly.


  1. Display Aircraft Departure Points


CAO   “—–4.2 Manoeuvring Limitations

(1) Except during take-off and landing, or where specifically approved as part of the programme of events, the minimum height at which any aircraft may operate shall be 500 feet above ground level.

(2) An aircraft in flight below 1 500 feet above ground level shall not:

(a) track or manoeuvre towards spectators within a horizontal distance of 500 metres; or

(b) pass within 200 metres horizontal distance from spectators.

  1. Missed Approach or Flagged Off

A first missed approach will normally be allowed to rejoin circuit for the listed circuit pattern.

An aircraft refused landing permission after a second attempt will depart as per the nominated strip departure procedures and as per diagram in Appendix 10 Missed Approach Departure Route.

Missed Approach Aircraft will Squawk 1200 so they are visible to Perth Radar as tracking against the inbound traffic stream.




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Email from Tony White


Ralph was the key organiser of sponsorships – and donation of services for the event.   Contact Ralph if you want to know more.

Andy was “event co-ordination” and did all the risk management paperwork, and took overall responsibility for the event.

I was the “air boss ” controlling the arrival and departure at Langley, and the Air show. I was the CASA liaison to get permit.

Col Morrow was responsible for approving aircraft to attend.  This required a demonstration of the pilot’s skill to land /take-off within the required distance.

(Done at Serpentine in advance of event)

SABC hosted all attendees as the starting point, in grid position take-off order.

All attending aircraft had to be in their respective grid position by Friday before the event.  SABC members controlled departure from Serpentine.

Chapter 24 of the SAAA organisation members provided all the on-ground logistical support.

  • Unicom
  • Windsock
  • Crowd control
  • Aircraft marshalling / parking / Taxi 
  • Emergency a/c maintenance

SAAA is the national body that represents the manufacture of these type of aircraft under the amateurs Built Experimental rules.

Aircraft cruise speed was used to place all aircraft into the starting grid.

This involved block speeds.

  • Fastest first  +150kts
  • Next fastest.   125-150kts
  • 100-125kts
  • Slowest


The concept was to ensure that aircraft did not bunch up on arrival at Langley.

This also created a longer spectacle of continuously arriving planes.


As organisers the first 3 aircraft into Langley were

  1.   RV8a. OTG.   Andy George.       Had to open the Langley airspace on route.
  2.   RV8a. VSW.  Tony White.          Had to man the Unicom for weather etc
  3.   Glasair THK.  Ralph Lerch.         Sponsors rep / admin




Thanks Tony, Neville


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The Grove Family flew in from Townsville


Daryl and Jane Grove flew their Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStar, VH-SGC from Townsville for the event.

It is a home built, which they built in Townsville. It took 2.5 years to build.

It has a fibreglass fuselage supported by a chrome – moly cage, and all the flying surfaces are aluminium.

It has a Lycoming O-320 160hp engine with a Hartzell CS prop and cruises at 135kts.

Our trip to Perth in 2011, was a 4-day journey, departing from home (Townsville) – Longreach – Birdsville – Lake Eyre – Williamstown – Coober Pedy – Forrest – Kalgoorlie – Serpentine.

After the fly-in to Langley Park, Perth, we flew Bunbury – Margaret River – Albany – Esperance – Ceduna – Broken Hill – Thargomindah – Longreach – Townsville.


Arrival at Langley Park

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YSEN Parking and Departure Sequence


Table of all Aircraft appearing at Langley Park in 2011.
Includes both Static and Flying Aircraft.
Departure Sequence
Previously landed at Langley?
Aircraft Registration
Aircraft Type
Nominated Speed
Required Block Speed
CityStateGroupConstruction NumberFirst FlownMain Colours
1Andy GeorgeYesVH-OTGVans RV8A180 kts150 ktsKalgoorlieWAOrganisers806414/08/2011Red - White - Blue
2Tony WhiteYesVH-VSWVans RV8A175 kts150 ktsGuildfordWAOrganisers804253/08/2004Yellow
3Ralph LerchNoVH-THKGlasair 2 S-FT170 kts150 ktsPerthWAOrganisersN2071/12/1993White Red Blue
Matt HallVH-CQEMXS180 ktsDisplay
Darius PavriVH-TWAExtra EA300L180 ktsDisplay
4Roger AveryNoVH-AAYF1 Rocket203 kts165 ktsBusseltonWAParticipant13016/06/2007Yellow
5Eric PederickNoVH-ROKF1 Rocket203 kts165 ktsGeraldtonWAParticipant12524/06/2006Blue
6Micko O'ByrneNoVH-KIXGlasair 1 RG200 kts155 ktsPerthWAParticipantW1288/04/1991White, Orange/Red/Yellow
7Reginald FlaniganNoVH-CCGGLAS (Glasair 2SRG190 kts155 ktsBenallaVICParticipant207010/04/2008
8Bruce InghamNoVH-KWMGlasair SH2R180 kts150 ktsPerthWAParticipantW1525/03/2001White/Blue
9Ian NewmanNoVH-SWFFALCO F8L170 kts150 ktsMerimbulaNSWParticipant8781/06/1992Grey/Red
10Rob PhillisNoVH-SRPFalco165 kts150 ktsPerthWAParticipant137325/09/2010Red
12Jon ClementsNoVH-JWCVans RV-7160 kts140 ktsMelbourneWAParticipant7292017/07/2010Orange Black Silver
13Rob DonaldsonNoVH-WOBVans RV7155 kts140 ktsEsperanceWAParticipant7296710/04/2009White/Yellow
14Peter KelliherNoVH-KJPVans RV6155 kts140 ktsGERALDTONWAParticipantW-244X11/12/2007White/Blue
15Graeme LeanNoVH-LZDFalco F8L155 kts140 ktsLandsboroughQldParticipant110522/01/2008White black blue
16Richard TalbotNoVH-NRTRV7A155 kts140 ktsCastle HillNSWParticipant7172010/04/2009Aluminium
18Paul BlackneyNoVH-OREVans RV6150 kts135 ktsPerthWAParticipant2496121/10/2007White, Yellow, Black
19Norman BlochNoVH-BYORV6150 kts135 ktsWAParticipantDA1021/12/1993White blue burgundy
20Richard ConnellNoVH-XRCRV-7150 kts135 ktsQUEENS PARKNSWParticipant7255531/08/2009WHITE/BLUE
21Terry DaffNoVH-TQQVans RV-7150 kts135 ktsWarrandyteVicParticipant7283420/11/2010White Yellow
22Richard DallNoVH-OMOVans RV6150 kts135 ktsSubiacoWAParticipant2453514/08/2003Grey Red-Gold
23Lindsay DanesYesVH-IWFRutan Varieze150 kts135 ktsJandakotWAParticipantW9010/12/1979white, orange /yellow stripes
24Bryan DaviesYesVH MMIGlasair RG150 kts135 ktsWAParticipant58719/03/2011White
25Lloyd DenneyYesVH-LWDVans RV7A150 kts135 ktsPerthWAParticipant724579/09/2009White Maroon
26Shirley HardingNoVH-ASFVans RV6150 kts135 ktsMundijongWAParticipant255612/04/2006Red
27Peter KeenanNoVH-XMWVans RV6150 kts135 ktsParticipantW1733/12/1999White
28Bob MainNoVH-MAIRV7150 kts135 ktsWAParticipant7318424/04/2009Red and white
29John ReillyNoVH-WYTvanns rv 6150 kts135 ktsmosman parkWAParticipantW2467/07/2000white and blue
30Keith RussellNoVH-NKMSpitfire MK 26B150 kts135 ktsSouth HedlandWAParticipant6615/01/2007Gray / Green camoflage
31Andrew TainshNoVH-YLCRv6150 kts135 ktsPerthWAParticipantW18510/10/2000Yellow
32Chris PearceNoVH-ZICRV7A147 kts135 ktsParticipant7220720/01/2007blue/blue/white
33Jon BurgessYesVH-PNJVans RV7A145 kts135 ktsMelbourneVICParticipant714392/06/2006White
34Tom KriegYesVH-OTMTHORP T-18145 kts135 ktsBullcreekWA.ParticipantW11011/06/1984White-brown yellow Stripe
35David WatkinsNoVH-ZDBVans RV7A145 kts135 ktsNungarinWAParticipant7047114/05/2005Yellow / Red
37Richard HammerNoVH-LTSrutan long-ez140 kts130 ktsDaglishWAParticipantW11910/11/1993white
38Robert HodgeNoVH-UWERV6A140 kts130 ktsPerthParticipant3078N-610/11/2009White and yellow
39Glenn HughesNoVH-OHSRV7140 kts130 ktsCastle HillNSWParticipant7172115/04/2008Silver, orange with black stripes
40Peter MartinovichNoVH-JSPVans RV9A140 kts130 ktsPerthWAParticipant9133629/09/2010Maroon / White
41Greg McFarlaneYesVH-XRVVans RV6140 kts130 ktsAlbanyWAParticipantQ764/02/1999RED & WHITE
42David OlneyNoVH-BVOThorp T18140 kts130 ktsWAParticipantW6126/10/1986White/ orange/ brown
43Nick SerleNoVH-WJJRV6140 kts130 ktsDampierWAParticipant24215/W2431/01/2000White / blue
44Randall WigginsNoVH-SOZVans RV9140 kts130 ktsAlbanyWAParticipant9079120/04/2005White and Red
45Paul JohnsNoVH-QQQRV6135 kts130 ktsWendoureeVicParticipantV334Red
46Peter ScottNoVH TMFThorp T18135 kts130 ktsDenham CourtNSWParticipantN6330/04/1985white/green
47Ray TaylorYesVH-ZIXRV-6135 kts130 ktssomervilleVICParticipantV28916/10/1998Red, White
48Giuseppe LacerenzaNoVH-KLVRV9A130 kts130 ktsperthWAParticipant9050928/01/2010red/white
50Denis MacNeallNoVH-AYUCJ6A Nanchang130 kts125 ktsDuncraigWAParticipant453202030/11/1997Green - PLAAF markings (Chinese AF)
51Tony MichelsenNoVH-IWMRV6A130 kts125 ktsParticipantW16828/01/2011maroon/white
52Ken MustonNoVH-AANVans RV-6A130 kts125 ktsKialla LakesVICParticipant60088/V3434/11/2000White-red/blue flag
53Peter NelsonYesVH-PNNGlaStar Sportsman 2+2130 kts125 ktsBaldivisWAParticipant704220/08/2008Turquoise
54Ian OrrmanNoVH-ZIFGlaStar Sportsman130 kts125 ktsKensingtonWAParticipant728412/06/2010White & blue
55Noel StoneyNoVH-NRSRV 9A130 kts125 ktsRedmondWAParticipant909822/08/2007White/Blue
56James WilliamsNoVH-JWISportsman130 kts125 ktsKalgoorlieWAParticipant734320/08/2011Yellow
57Daryl & Jane GroveNoVH-SGCGlaStar125 kts125 ktsTownsvilleQLDParticipantQ19711/12/1999Polished wings and White
58Chris StevensonNoVH-UCCVans 9A125 kts125 ktsNedlandsWAParticipant915789/04/2010White & blue
59Neill RearVH-MZKCessna 180120 ktsBooragoonWAParticipant
60Peter CashYesVH- ZUZCulp Special120 kts120 ktsParkwoodWAParticipantCS-19475/01/2007Red/Silver
61Selwyn EllisNoVH-ELZArion Lightning120 kts120 ktsRiversideVicParticipant6611/09/2010White
62Jan EndeYesVH-FDHCessna 180120 kts120 ktsParticipant5068030/11/1959vermillion,black,white & RFDS titles
63Philip FinchNoVH-NUMGlastar120 kts120 ktsSouth PerthWAParticipantW27520/12/2000White And Maroon
64David GardYesVH-ANHPAC CT4A120 kts120 ktsLesmurdieWAParticipant4117/06/1975orange/white - RAAF markings
65Chris SiemerNoVH-AYYVANS RV7120 kts120 ktsEsperanceWAParticipant716912/03/2005BURGUNDY & GOLD
66Paul HennessyVH-KHDPiper Dakota110 ktsParticipant
67Finley AthertonNoVH-FLARV 9A110 kts110 ktsGUYRANSWParticipant9106210/07/2007WHITE/BLUE/GREY
68David BrownVH-BQOChristen Eagle II110 ktsParticipant
69Keith HolthamNoVH-UPFC 180110 kts110 ktsEUMUNDIQLDParticipant322241/03/1956WHITE
70Gordon JohansonYesVH-ISIPitts special110 kts110 ktsPerthWAParticipant48754/07/2007Red / Cream
71Peter YatesYesVH-XSTSupermarine Spitfire Mark 25110 kts110 ktsNorth FremantleWAParticipant1117/07/2007Camouflage Brown & Green - RAAF markings
73Peter BairstowNoVH-COYTecnam Sierra105 kts105 ktsDalyellupWAParticipant179White
74Charlie ChuaNoVH-CHUScottish Aviaition Bulldog 100105 kts105 ktsWembleyWAParticipantBH100-1101/06/1973Green Top / Grey Underside - Swedish Air Force markings
75Richard DaviesNoVH-RICVicta Airtourer105 kts105 ktsCoorowWAParticipant16526/02/1999Yellow Red
76Geoffrey McdougallNoVH-IDXTecnam P2008105 kts105 ktsTarcoola BeachWAParticipant01012/09/2011White
77Ken CaithnessYesVH-KVCJodel100 kts100 ktsKoonwarraVICParticipantV6715/05/1984White & Red
78Philip MaleyNoVH-OLDPA22-150 Tripacer100 kts100 ktsApplecrossWAParticipant22-55981/02/2002Blue/White
79Kevin BaileyYesVH-UXLstinson reliant gullwing95 kts95 ktsmundijongWAParticipant976613/08/1936cream / burgundy
80Jack DonsenNoVH-CUXStolp Starduster Too95 ktsHeathridgeWAParticipant38912/07/2009Blue / White
81Mark MorleyVH-EZTPiper Sports CruiserParticipant
83Brian SowdenNoVH-WLXAMD Alarus - CH200095 kts95 ktsBull CreekWAParticipant20-10241/07/2004white blue accent stripes
84Glen CapleYesVH-RHWDHC 1 Chipmunk90 kts85 ktsWattleupWAParticipantC1/012512/12/1950Grey - Royal Air Force markings
85Rob MiltonNoVH-OMXPiel Emeraude CP30190 kts85 ktsSouth PerthWAParticipant152110/10/2010White
86Robin O'NeillNoVH-MLXYMF5 WACO90 kts85 ktsNorthbridgeWAParticipantF5C072RED
87Carl EndeYesVH-YNDBoeing Stearman85 kts85 ktsPerthWAParticipant75-53621942 First flight
18/11/2006 (post-restoration)
Red Yellow Blue White - US Navy markings
88Claude MeunierYesVH-MAAJodel Sky King85 kts85 ktsGrass ValleyWAParticipantW1065/02/1985White
89Glenn ShawNoVH-AYJAUSTER J1 - L85 kts85 ktsOcean ReefWAParticipant23461/01/1948Silver with green stripe
90Ian HarvieNoVH-IDHAeronca Chief 11AC75 kts75 ktsNSWParticipant11AC-16242/05/1947Yellow/Red
91David ThomasNoVH-LDTAeronca 7AC Champion75 kts75 ktsElanora HtsNSWParticipant7AC-98
92Werner BuhlmannYesVH-NHDSOPWITH PUP80 kts80 ktsCARMELWAParticipantB172711/03/2010Brown - Royal Flying Corps markings
93Bert FilippiYesVH-KILJUNGMANN Kokusai-Ki-8680 kts80 ktsMOUNT PLEASANTWAParticipant
94Philip SmithNoVH-USJDH8380 kts80 ktsThornlieWAParticipant40581933 First flight
28/03/2003 (post-restoration)
Blue & Silver
95Nigel EmmansYesVH-NIGDH-8270 kts70 ktsKallarooWAParticipant8224822/02/1940Green/Brown/Yellow - RAAF markings
96Rod EdwardsNoVH-USCSilver Centenary63 kts60 ktsMT PLEASANTWAParticipant011/07/1930Silver
97Graham HewittYesVH-UCPPietenpol Scout Model B4A160 kts60 ktsPerthWAParticipant1225/06/1932Red and silver
98Bo HanningtonYesVH-OBOAeroprakt A22 Foxbat80 kts70 ktsBaldivisWAParticipant10916/06/2007Orange
99Jim KingN/AVH-ENPPA28105 kts105 ktsDenmarkWAParticipant28-73250531/01/1973White yellow
30Keith RussellN/AVH-NKMSpitfire MK 26B150 ktsFly By6615/01/2007Gray / Green camoflage
100Fred MorenoN/AVH-YFMLancair IV220 kts220 ktsDenmarkWAFly Bywhite blue
101john smithN/AVH-XTZLancair Legacy220 ktsFly ByL2K-3232010White with dark blue and silver stripes


Aircraft Parked SABC Friday 14th Oct 2011

(Photographer Neville Murphy)


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“STOL” is an acronym for a short take takeoff and landing.

In accordance with the Langley selection and operating criteria all aircraft and pilots were required to demonstrate a take off and landing on the grass strip (runway)? at Serpentine.

The Performance Criteria required a take off to achieve a height of 46 metres with a ground run and climb distance of 700 metres.

The ‘Jigger’ is an electronic angle and distance measuring instrument. The operator sights the aircraft on take off to check the performance.

Some needed to make adjustments to the aircraft weight and take off procedure to achieve the required safety margin, but all entries passed the scrutineering and flew to Langley Park.

Peter Nelson, Colin Morrow and Ian Orrman.
Peter is operating the ‘jigger’ and noting the details.
Colin is organising and observing.
Ian has completed his flight demonstration and paper work audit..
(Photographer Neville Murphy)


Langley Park Perth Western Australia. SAAA Flyin Saturday 15th October 2011 Displace threshold because of the trees

(Photographer Neville Murphy)

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Pre-requisite Walk on Langley Park

This walk took place at 5:00pm Friday 14th October 2011

  • Pilots and aircraft must have the required Scrutineering Briefing
  • Any Pilot who has not previously flown into Langley is required to attend a Briefing on the Ground at Langley on Friday 14th at 5:00pm.
  • Attend a Pilot Briefing – Saturday 15th – 8:00am
Daryl and Jame Groves

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Event Summary

Saturday 15th October

  • Gates Open for Setup at Langley 6:00
  • Pilot Briefing at YSEN 8:00
  • Gates Closed for Langley Setup 8:30
  • Roads Closed 9:30
  • 1st Aircraft Depart YSEN 9:30
  • 1st Aircraft arrive Langley 9:45
  • Gates Open to Public 10:00
  • Lunch & Break 11:50
  • Official Opening 12:20
  • Air Display Commences 12:40
  • Air Display Ends 16:00
  • Roads Re-opened 16:15
  • Gates Close to Public 16:30

Sunday 16th October

  • Gates Open for Setup 6:00
  • Gates Closed for Setup 8:30
  • Gates Open for Pilots 9:30
  • Gates Open 10:00
  • Roads Closed 10:30
  • Air Display Commences 11:00
  • Lunch & Break 12:15
  • Air Display Ends 14:10
  • 1st Aircraft Depart 14:10
  • Last Aircraft Depart 15:30
  • Roads Re-opened 16:00
  • Gates Close to Public 16:00
  1. Display Approval
  • The Fly-in and Display are approved by CASA under;

Instrument Number: WOP 10452 – AIR DISPLAY APPROVAL

Refer to attached – Appendix 1


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